What happened at skate America

What happened at skate America

Tomas went to skate America to win a medal and secure himself a spot for GPF, but things did not work out the way he wanted. Tomas finished 5th with a total score of 194.06. Read more...

His short program he described as a disaster. He fell on the quad, doubled the axel and the lutz and he ended up in 11th place with only 55. 90 points. "It was a program without a quad or any other jumps," Verner said. "Doubles don't count for men's programs. If I had just skated around for the first 40 seconds and showed off my edges and footwork, it would have been much better." Tomas commented to icenetwork.

In the long program Tomas fought back, skating the 3rd best long program of the night, receiving 138.16 points. He fell on the quad, but managed to land most other triples, including 2 wonderful triple axels.

To Czech press he gave an explanation for his disappointing result here at skate America. “During the competition I was struggling with fatigue and a virus. The jumps were allright in practice, but the problem was to do all the elements one after another” It was also the fatigue and the pain in the muscles that prevented him from selling his programs the way they should be and according to Tomas his program component scores suffered because of this.

Winner of the event was American skater Evan Lysacek, the silver medal was won by Canadian Shawn Sawyer and Ryan Bradley finished 3rd. Full result details from skate America can be found here.

There is still a small chance that Tomas will make it to grand prix final, but it depends completely on the results of skate Canada next week. Tomas is currently ranked 5th and only 6 skaters make it to the final.

We wish Tomas a speedy recovery and hope he returns to full health soon!!

Picture by Caroline Paré