Tomas to move back to Oberstdorf

Tomas to move back to Oberstdorf

After 3 years in Canada, Tomas has decided to move back to Oberstdorf to train with his former trainer Michael Huth.

"It's not something I decided overnight. I evaluated my previous season for a long time and then came to this decision". Tomas told czech press. For a while he even thought about quiting completely, but in the end he decided to continue one more season, until after the Olympic Games in Sochi. "When I came to this conclusion, I also knew I needed a new impuls".

Tomas decided to train back in Oberstdorf for 2 weeks in July at the iceDOME summer camp. "At first I thought I'd just go there for 2 weeks and that it would provide me with enough fresh air to continue. However when these 2 weeks ended I felt like it wasn't enough". He went to his former coach Michael Huth and asked him if he was interested in working with him the following season.

When Michael Huth agreed, Tomas started to arrange everything for his move to Oberstdorf and is back with his former team since August 10th. While he's there, Tomas will start to work on his future after figure skating, as well. He applied to study Economics and Management in Prague and will try to get a masters degree.

On youtube you can also find a video taken by P.J. Kwong the day before his departure to Oberstdorf. On this video he explains why he's moving back to Europe and talks about his new programs! So check it out!

We wish Tomas good luck in everything the coming year!!!