The unfortunate Grand Prix

The unfortunate Grand Prix

With the NHK Trophy last weekend the Grand Prix Series have come to an end. Tomáš competed at Skate America and Trophée Eric Bompard. Unfortunately the Grand Prix Series was not very succesful for Tomáš this year.

At Skate America the triple axel worked out fine in the short program, but he fell on his quad attempt and what was supposed to be a combination turned out to be a single lutz. Needless to say that this didn't leave him with many points after the short program.

With his happy long program to swing music he tried to work himself up and he was indeed a little better because in the long program he was 6th. The start of the program did lack the big jumps, but he fought back by jumping most of the jumps in the rest of that program.

Tomáš ended up with 197.36 in 8th place. Detailed scores and results can be found here.

At Trophée Eric Bompard things didn't exactly improve for Tomáš. The short program was even worse than at Skate America. Also in the long program it just wasn't meant to be for Tomáš. None of the triple axels worked out this weekend and he fell on all his quad attempts.

Tomáš received a total of 181.72 points at Trophée Eric Bompard and ended up in 8th place. Full result details can be found here.

We hope Tomáš can leave this bad start behind him and find his strength back for the upcoming competitions. If you also still believe, as much as we do, than please show your support on his facebook or in the guestbook! We're sure Tomáš can use it right now and it might help him to find back his groove!