Nationals and the European Championships

Nationals and the European Championships

2013 Just started and that means Tomáš is getting ready for the most important competitions of the season. Next week starting monday, it's time for the European Championships!

A couple of weeks ago, Tomáš qualified to compete here with flying colours by winning Czech Nationals. He scored a total of 229.55 points and that is only 3 points away from his personal best.

 It was a difficult season so far for Tomáš, and Tomáš was very happy to receive this score at Nationals. "I don't even remember when was the last time I got more than 200 points. I sure didn't get it in my last 4 competitions. When I was waiting for the marks, it was like waiting for my execution every time." He said about the first half of the season.

At Nationals he just wanted to skated 2 solid programs, so he decided to leave the quad in the short program. He did jump it in the long program however and afterwards he was very satisfied about the way he skated. "It wasn't a perfect skate, but it was good and that was exactly what I needed right now"

In a week the European Championships will start in Zagreb, Croatia. We hope Tomáš can make a strong come back there and do the best he can!

Results and details about Czech Nationals can be found here. There is even a page with youtube videos where you can watch all the performances here.

For the latest news about Tomáš at Europeans please check out the official facebook page. The ISU results page can be found here and the official website of Europeans is here.

Good luck Tomáš!