Michal Brezina wins the Czech national title

Michal Brezina wins the Czech national title

Tomas skated at Czech nationals last weekend and unfortunately finished in 2nd place. Winner of the event was Michal Brezina who skated clean in both the short and the long program. Read more...

In the short program Tomas fell on both the quad and the triple axel. "I'm really sorry about this, but this is not the most important part of the season, that comes mid-january. I'm very unsatisfied about my SP. Especially on the axel, that was my mistake on the run-out of the jump. With the quad I was just on the ice all of a sudden, I wasn't even really aware of what I did wrong." Tomas commented about his performance which earned him only 62.39 points.

In the long program Tomas did a lot better and scored 140.82 points. He fell on the opening quad again and the second toeloop was only a double, but he did manage to land all the other triple jumps. "I'm satisfied about the LP. I jumped everything which I could, eventhough I fell on the opening quad and only doubled the second one." Tomas commented.

Tomas hopes to be in top-form again soon. At Nationals he was still slightly affected by the flu he had during and after skate America; "I was in bed for a week, that's not ideal and I am slowly recovering. Not that something is still bothering me healthwise, but I don't have the stamina right now which I had at the beginning of the season. Now it's up to me to get that back. I want to gain my power and my self confidence back, which I don't have right now. There will be time to work out the mistakes in training and with that the mistakes in competition. I believe I will get back to the same form as I had at the beginning of the season." Tomas commented to CTK.

Full result details and protocols from Czech nationals can be found here.

In the next few days Tomas will fly to France to skate a show in Courchevel and afterwards he will concentrate on training to be ready for the European Championships. You can do it, Tomas!